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Electric Fatbikes are versatile bikes.  They’re not just road bikes or mountain bikes, they’re comfortable all terrain go-anywhere bikes to get out and explore with. They’re stable and easy to ride and the electric assist makes the countryside super accessible.  Our bikes are all 250w pedal-assist, which means no licence is needed to ride them and they are allowed to go anywhere a normal bike can go.  Just with a lot less effort!

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Opening times

Bike pickup is 9.00am-10.00am.  Bike return is 5pm-7pm.

We are open Tuesday to Sunday, Monday is our day off.  You can ring us any day between 9am and 7pm.

We speak Dutch, English & French.


We offer up to 1 week bookings online.  For longer, please contact us.  All bikes are the same price, with everything you need included.  

1day=47€; 2days=87.50€; 3days=125€; 4days=155€; 5days=185€; 6days=205€; 7days=230€  (per bike).

Free and paid delivery options are available - see here.

What's included?

Your FatVelo rental includes bike, battery charger, helmet, lock, phone holder, puncture kit and Fatvelo water bottle.  We can supply 1 set of free panier bags if 2 bikes are rented.  

Is damage insurance included?

Yes!  We do still need a security deposit but yes, we include insurance against damage and theft for each bike.  There are conditions that you need to respect for insurance cover to apply so please read our terms & conditions for full details.

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