Long rentals and pickup/delivery are by prior arrangement only. 

We can do multi-day, week or even multi-week rental but since we wish to provide support and backup in the event of breakdown, we do limit this option to our local area.

It also depends on our availability and bike availability so the earlier you contact us the better.  

Rental is worked out at the rate of 47€ per day per bike with a deposit of 350€ per bike or 250€ per bike if more than one is on the same contract.  We'll need to take copies of ID but please feel free to discuss how your ID is copied or held by us as we do realise it's a delicate subject in these days of identity theft.

Free delivery / pickup within 10km

1 bike, 1 week minimum

2 bikes, 4 day minimum

3 bikes, 3 day minimum

4 bikes, 2 day minimum

5 bikes, 2 day minimum

free delivery / pickup within 30km

2 bikes, 1 week minimum

3 bikes, 5 days minimum

4 bikes, 4 days minimum

5 bikes, 3 days minimum  

We can deliver up to 5 bikes.

Delivery is usually the evening before but may also be any time from 6am to 9am on the start date. We will, of course, arrange this with you beforehand.  Having arranged the details with us, we'll send you a payment link for the booking.  We will require written directions for delivery by email or text.  If deposits are refused or noone is there to receive bikes during the time agreed, the reservation is forfeit in its entirety. 


If your idea doesn’t fit the free delivery/pickup criteria then we can still offer the service but we charge 2€ per km driven.  Normally we limit this service to a maximum 30km radius.  However, we can by prior arrangement sometimes deliver or pickup further afield.  Please contact us first to discuss.