"Mousing over" availability calendars

Each bike type has its own availability calendar.  Placing the cursor on a date will display the number of bikes available.

You can quickly see if the bike you want is available for the whole booking period and easily check for enough bikes should you be planning a group booking.

different bike types in one booking

No problem.  Before starting the booking process, check the calendar for each bike type you're interested in.  Mouseover the dates to check availability, make sure there are enough for all the days of your proposed booking.  If there are, go ahead and start booking.

start a booking

Click on the start day of your booking period in the calendar.  This forwards to the form below where you are asked to select pickup time, number of bikes and duration.  NOTE: the system needs you to book a pickup time more than 12 hours later than the present time.


Our pickup time is set at 9.00am for booking purposes. We are closed on Mondays. If you try to book periods that start or finish in conflict with this, you'll get an error message and be prevented from booking. Please adjust your dates as necessary and continue.


Select the number of days you want to book. If the first or last day is a Monday (we're closed), you won't be able to continue booking so please adjust the number of days as necessary.  Note: we limit online bookings to 7 days but longer rentals are possible. Please contact us.


These are automatically calculated according to your start date and duration. Return time is set at 6.00pm each day for booking purposes.    


The price shown is per item per day. So the price shown will be multiplied by the number of days selected. Add-ons are booked according to the number of bikes selected and the final price added to the subtotal is therefore the price shown, multiplied by the number of bikes.


Extras are different to Add-ons. Whereas Add-ons are charged per day and per bike, Extras are a one-off, non-recurring item such as delivery. Extras are added in the Cart area.


Insurance against accidental damage or theft is included for each bike.  There is a 25% deductible and certain conditions must be met for insurance cover to be effective.  Please read the terms and conditions.

Security deposit & id

We require a security deposit of 350€ per bike or 250€ per bike if 2 or more are rented.  We take this when you collect or we deliver the bikes.  We do not withdraw funds but a block is placed on your account so you must have sufficient funds AND sufficient monthly spending allowance to cover the security deposit.  We don't accept cheques and prefer not to take cash.  Equipment is inspected with the customer both before and after the rental and if all is well, the block can be removed straight away (we have a mobile terminal). 

We take photos of your ID documents and encourage you to present them or hold them in such a way as leaves the identification data visible but other parts obscured.  Please feel free to discuss how your ID is copied or held by us as we do realise it's a delicate subject in these days of identity theft.

customer account

When you click through to checkout, you will be asked for your name, email address and phone number.  Obviously we use these to contact you so please make sure they are correct!  We also use your email address to create a customer account so you will be asked to provide a password.  Your account is where you can print or download your booking(s) and where we issue discount vouchers and promotions for returning customers.