start a booking

NOTE: the online booking system requires that the start time of your booking is no less than 4 hours from the present time.  If you're nearby and would like a last minute booking, please call us and we'll see what's possible.


Our pickup times are 9.00am and 2.00pm. We are closed on Mondays. If you try to book periods that start or finish in conflict with this, say a full day (8 hrs) from 2.00pm, you'll get an error message and be prevented from booking. Please adjust as necessary.


With half-day bookings that start at 9.00am and finish at 1.00pm, we have to be strict, as late return will affect an afternoon booking starting at 2.00pm.  A late return in such circumstances will incur a penalty fee equal to the afternoon booking.


These are automatically calculated according to your rental duration. Last return time is at 6.00pm each day unless by prior arrangement.


The price shown is per item per day. So the price shown will be multiplied by the number of days selected. Add-ons are booked according to the number of bikes selected and the final price added to the subtotal is therefore the price shown, multiplied by the number of bikes.


Extras are different to Add-ons. Whereas Add-ons are charged per day and per bike, Extras are a one-off, non-recurring item such as delivery. Extras are added in the Cart area.

Security deposit & id

We require a security deposit of 350€ per bike or 250€ per bike if 2 or more are rented on the same contract.  We take this when you collect the bikes.  You must have sufficient funds AND sufficient monthly spending allowance to cover the security deposit if paying by card and the card must be able to accept refunds.  We don't take cheques and prefer not to take cash.  Equipment is inspected with the customer both before and after the rental and if all is well, the deposit is returned or refunded straight away (we have a mobile terminal). 

We take photos of your ID documents and don't mind if you present them or hold them in such a way as leaves the identification data visible but other parts obscured.  Please feel free to discuss how your ID is copied or held by us as we do realise it's a delicate matter in these days of identity theft.  

customer account

When you click through to checkout, you will be asked for your name, email address and phone number.  We use these to contact you so please make sure they are correct.  Your email address is used to create a customer account so you will be asked to provide a password.  Your account is where you can print or download your booking(s) and where we issue discount vouchers and promotions for returning customers.